7 Unbelievable Reasons Why Men Cheat

Have you ever wondered why men cheat? Beats me. Data from the recent General Social Survey shows that men cheat more than women.

Relationships thrive on trust and when trust is betrayed, it’s often hard to rebuild. One way trust is often betrayed in relationships is by infidelity. Many may want to term infidelity as a man’s thing but women cheat as well but not as much as men do.

Some men who cheat may have reasons for doing so while some just do it because they can easily get away with it. However, it will suffice to say that there’s no justifiable reason for cheating on your spouse.

Stay with me as I share with you some possible reasons why men cheat.

1. Breakdown in communication

Jimmy recounts; “I once had a difficult situation at work and needed someone to share it with, so my wife came to mind. When I got home, she noticed the look on my face and knew something was bothering me but didn’t bother asking. During bedtime, I told her about it but she seemed uninterested. Days went by and I thought she would ask that we talk about the issue (like she would normally do), but she didn’t. I found solace in a co-worker at he office. One thing led to another and we had an affair.”

A little breakdown in communication between spouses could lead to irreparable damage. Like Jimmy, most men just want a partner who understands their every mood, one they can share their good and bad times with. Relationships work best when there is proper communication.

2. Escape From Responsibility

Marriage is a good thing and a lovely family could mean everything. A man may love his wife and kids dearly but also cheat. Sometimes, some men just want a break from the responsibilities that marriage brings and one way they often do that is to have an extra-marital affair – which isn’t the best thing to do.

Instead of seeking an escape from responsibility in a woman other than your wife, I believe men can find companionship in a close friend (not necessarily of the opposite sex) who understands the need for a moment away from these responsibilities. Plan a mini vacation but not with someone they are emotionally attracted to.

3. Accused of Cheating

“I never cheated on my girlfriend in the first two years of our relationship. The relationship was good until (for whatever reason) she thought I was unfaithful and constantly accused me of cheating. I tried letting her know I was faithful to her alone but she wouldn’t believe me. Few weeks after that, I cheated!” says Michael.

A little suspicion in a relationship may become toxic and create room for infidelity. Rather than accuse your partner, discuss make out time to discuss the peculiar factors that could lead to infidelity and work towards maintaining a healthy relationship.

Men who get accused by their spouse of cheating may want to look into the way they relate with people of the opposite sex or persons with whom they are accused of cheating.

4. Insecurity

Often times, insecurity lays the foundation for infidelity in relationships. Some men cheat when they feel they are getting old and worry that their lives may be devoid of adventure and youthful gusto. So they go for ladies who make them feel hey can relive their youthful years.

For more details on the different insecurities men deal with and how to overcome them, read this post.

5. Built To Be Polygamous

Roland cheated on his wife and his friends asked him why. He said, “There’s no way one woman can handle all the love I have to give. She will be overwhelmed. That’s how I was built and nothing can change that.”

While that is a wrong belief, certain men believe they are just built to be polygamous.

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6. Unmet Expectations

Some men feel their spouse should meet all their desires regardless of her state of mind. When the partner fails to deliver on those expectations, they tend to seek fulfillment from other women.

Men with these unmet expectations should cut their partners some slack and also know that cheating on their partner isn’t the solution to the problem. You’d be surprised how a simple dialogue about areas where a partner is not really doing well, can go in solving such issue.

7. Immaturity

Marriage and other relationships require commitment. When a man is scared of commitment in a relationship, he is prone to cheating. Failure to understand that actions have consequences may make a man stray.

In Summary

A great number of men (including those who cheat) agree that cheating is bad and that there are no genuine reasons for hurting their significant other. Howbeit, there are options (other than cheating) that are available to men – keeping an open relationship with your spouse, couple’s therapy and consciously working to improve your relationship.

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