What Do Women Want From Their Men?

That you are reading this post means you have probably asked the million dollar question on the minds of many men; what do women want from their men?

Really, really, what do women want from their men?

Since you’ve asked, I’m going to give you answers. Yes, answers!
That’s because ladies want different things from their men. What Lady A cherishes and holds to a high esteem may not be what Lady B appreciates so much. So, in this post I’m going to share some of those secrets with you.

So, stay with me…

What Do Women Want From Their Men?

First off, what a lady wants from her man is fashioned by her value system. A person’s value system is a set of principles that guide your behavior. Value systems help a person determine what’s important to him or her. Value systems are fashioned by our family cultures, life experiences and the morals we imbibed while growing up.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into the topic of this post.

So, let’s begin!

#1. Assurance of Love

I am of the belief that the majority of people (men and women) in relationships want to be sure that they are not alone in their relationship.

People want to know that their partner has their back. More than the fact that you love your spouse, she also needs to hear those words of assurance from you as her man. So, make it a duty to assure and reassure her of your love for her. The assurance could come in different forms such as verbal assurance, buying of gifts, romantic dates, etc. Be the man that’s all in her head when she’s lost in thoughts. So, go ahead and be creative in your expressions of love to your lady.

#2. A Healthy Man

“Health is wealth”, they say. There have been many interpretations to this saying. The context in which it is used here is that a healthy partner (man) is of great value to his spouse; making him one less person the spouse worries about. Considering that women are often more emotionally attached to their partners than men, staying healthy will help her focus on other areas of her life and the relationship.

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More than being healthy yourself, women also appreciate men who encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. So, while you are working on staying healthy, do not embark on the fitness journey alone. Engage your spouse, take a walk together, encourage her to get active or enrolled in a gym.

#3. Naughty Nature

Emotional or romantic pleasure may be considered to be one of the highest forms of physical pleasure and every human craves this form of pleasure at one point in time. Everyone has a naughty side but not every man has the requisite skill to satisfy a woman’s emotional needs.

While women want different things from men, your ability or inability to fulfill a woman’s emotional cravings could either make or put a strain on your relationship. Knowing what the romantic cravings of your spouse are, could mean a lot to her and also give your ego a big boost. So, get talking with her to know what her romantic needs are and work towards being there for her.

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#4. Great Personality

Your personality is the sum of the noticeable characteristics that make you socially appealing. This entails your ability to make yourself acceptable by the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. Your personality is who you are and is often determined by your values, behavior, appearance, education, etc. Having a great personality will make you charming and also endear you to your partner.

If you are looking to have a great personality, here a few things you should consider doing:

  • Be thankful, courteous and humble.
  • Learn how to cook. This quality will endear you to your spouse, not just because she expects you to always do the cooking but that you can even help out in the kitchen is a plus to your personality.
  • Read books to widen your thinking horizon. Read anything on print and on the internet. You won’t believe how much information you would have gotten in a short while.
  • Learn a new skill. But I already have a skill, you said. Doesn’t matter. You can never know too much.
  • Do little things that add up to making you a better version of yourself.

Amidst other characteristics that make you appealing to a woman is your ability to start interesting conversations and also keep them going. It is also vital that you understand that not all conversation topics are suitable for all situations. A typical example is striking up a conversation that borders on faith at a social event. This will only serve as a turn off. Instead, you may want to strike up a conversation about her experience at the event, then build up other conversations from there.

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