Perfect Match: Five Signs She Is Your Perfect Match

You have probably heard people say that there is no perfect relationship and you’re wondering if it’s possible to ever have a perfect match for you. Truth is, finding a spouse whom you can call your soul mate might seem illusive but not impossible. In fact, odds are you may actually have the right lady in your life without knowing. So, in this post, I will share some points that will help you know if she is your perfect match.

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Selfless / Has a Soft Spot for You

You know you have found the one when she goes out of her way to ensure that you are happy, not minding if it is convenient or not. When you find a woman who makes you her priority, be careful not to ruin the union as you may have found your perfect match. Ironically, most men tend to ride on who show their selfless side. And this is the reason most women take their time when it comes to showing so much care and affection to their men.

She Understands Your Moods

Mood swings are more common among women than they are with men but that doesn’t mean men don’t have a fair share of the mood changes too. Events and experiences or new that gets to us either make us happy, angry or places us in other moods in between. Being with a partner who understands you while you go through these changes could mean everything. Finding a partner who works towards making you feel better at such times is a blessing. If you have such women as a spouse, you know you have found your perfect match.

When You Are Not Scared of Being Vulnerable

Sharing a secret or weakness with a friend, family member or spouse has never been easy especially when they are prone to abusing the information you just shared with them. Letting your partner in on your secret or weakness puts you in a vulnerable position. To be able to confide in your partner without the fear of being abused requires a high level of trust. Your ability to make yourself vulnerable to your partner without a second thought is a sure sign that you have met your perfect match.

She Complements You

She complements you when she makes up for you in areas where you have little or no strength. If she fits like a missing piece in a puzzle, then odds are you already have your perfect match in your life.

Bonus Tip:

Be the Best Spouse It is a lot easier and comfortable to expect so much from others while we offer very little in exchange. Humans are naturally inclined to reciprocate good gestures. There’s just a thing about the human mind that prompts us to repay good deeds with greater good. Sweet words and other expressions of love will make her work towards complementing you. So, consciously make a resolve to d

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