Top Places To Meet Fun Women In 2019

Most women have great and fun personalities. If you get to meet one soon enough, you may be tempted to ask the Rihanna question; “Where have you been all my life?” There are several places to meet fun women. The top places to meet fun women is what I’ll share in this blog post.

So, have a good read.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of places to meet fun women, as there are several other places you could meet interesting women. So, feel free to explore other avenues available to you that are not mentioned here.

So, let’s begin.

Film Festival

meet fun women

Attending a film festival is actually a great idea. The people you will most likely meet at a film festival are there to have fun and so are you. Use it to your advantage and get to meet fun women who have same interest as you.

Have you noticed that there’s always that scene in a movie that’s intriguing? That one that has everyone talking about it? Yeah, that’s a conversation topic you have right there. It could even be the ice breaker or conversation starter for you while at the festival.

Chatting about a movie you just saw with a lady you meet at a film festival puts you in a relaxed mood since you both have something in common – the movie experience. You may want to share what scene was your high-point and also have her view on the matter.

Take a Dance Class

A dance class is one interesting and fun place to be. Participating in a dance class affords you the opportunity to pick any lady in the class as your dance partner. Trust me, ladies in such environment will always be willing to have a dance with you, more so if you’ve got the good looks. So, be creative and work your magic.

Aside the possibility of getting hooked with a lady at the dance class, you also get to learn some cool dance moves you could use in the future. And you know how ladies admire men who know how to do the steps.

Open Mic/Stand-up Comedy

This is where people showcase their poetic or comic side to the rest of the world. You can decide to showcase your creative side too or you could cheer others to a great performance. Here, you could strike up a conversation with a lady about the acts and how she finds the event. This is a great place to be if you are looking to meet interesting and fun women.

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Volunteering has positive benefits. Find a volunteer cause you care about and sign up with them, whether it’s to help clean the neighborhood or caring for the elderly. The sure thing about this is that you will not only meet ladies who are doing same thing as you, you also get to meet more people outside your circle.

Karaoke Bar

People give expression to their creative sides at Karaoke bars. The folk you find here are often open-minded and that’s the kind of environment you want to be if you are looking to find interesting women.

More than watching others sing, you may want to join in the fun and give expression to the pop star in you. While at it, stick with songs you know by heart and do justice to it. You never can tell the lady that may be thrilled by your performance. Also, be careful not to perform while you’re drunk.


meet fun women

That’s right! Go to parties. The parties may not necessarily be the ones that interest you that much. It could be a co-worker’s celebration, a friend’s birthday party or a house-warming party. Haven’t you noticed that it’s the party you feel reluctant to attend that you’d usually find someone new and fun?

People are often free and open to conversations at parties and that’s a good place to strike up conversations and meet new people, especially ladies.

The best way to meet new people is to go to places you have not been to and with people you do not know.

Online Dating Sites

An online dating site is one of the best places to meet fun women. Every lady on any online dating platform is out to meet some interesting and fun guy. Why not make use of the dating sites available to meet fun women. Sites like and make online dating a lot easy. Create an engaging profile and be sure to specify the kind of lady you’d like to meet so as not draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Final Thoughts

Basically, if you want to meet new and fun women, your best chance at that is to put yourself out there. Go to parties, attend social events, participate in things you usually like to do and you will definitely meet fun-loving women who share same interests with you.

What other places do you recommend for men who want to meet fun women? Where did you meet fun women? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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