Top Insecurities Men Deal With and How To Overcome Them

Best believe it, there are insecurities men deal with on a daily basis. Men weather a lot of storms than they are given credit for. If you ever thought men do not have insecurities they deal with, then you are mistaken.

Men often times look cool, calm and collected not because they want to, but because they have to. Society has conditioned the male folk in such a way that they seldom let their weaknesses show for fear of being vulnerable and possibly abused. So, what do they do? They act all macho and make their spouses and every other person feel they’ve got everything under control.

Truth is, most times, they have everything under control but at other times, they just don’t.

So stay with me as I share with you some common insecurities men deal with.

Body Build / Physical Height

As shocking as this information may be to you, a lot of men who are not so gifted with physical height worry about their height. The feeling of not being tall enough or not have a good body image is a source of insecurity to most men.

Picture this. When a lady is asked the physical features she admires in a man, you are sure to hear a response not so far from “I want a tall and handsome man”.

So, you see the pressure on men who do not belong to the ‘tall men’ category is so real. Now, imagine a man who isn’t tall trying to pick up a girl with a mindset like I mentioned above. He is definitely going to put in a lot of work to gain acceptance.

Considering also the level of confidence that tall guys exude, it leaves the short ones with so much to be insecure about.

Size of Reproductive Organ

It will interest you to know that a great number of men feel insecure about the size of their reproductive organ. Questions they often ask themselves include; “am I man enough for my lady? Other forms of reproductive organ related insecurity men face are worries about their ability to sustain turgidity for a reasonable amount of time.

A lot really goes on in men’s mind when it comes to their ability to satisfy their partner and most of these worries are what ladies may never get to hear from their men.

To gain confidence in this area, there are several simple clench-and-release exercises men can do to increase their stamina. There also fruits that can boost a man’s reproductive ability.

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Financial Insecurity

financial security

“In a few years from now, what will be my financial capability?” is a daunting question especially on the minds of men who have a wife and children. Being broke is a morbid fear of most men as much as it is the reality of many other men. Every man wants to be able to buy whatever he wants when he wants it. Having enough bucks to pay the bills, invest in assets and live the good life is every man’s dream. The absence of these tends to make a lot of men insecure.

Job Insecurity

Men love to work, and that’s how we are wired. Most of a man’s sense of fulfillment is tied to his job. While you would find women chit-chatting about jewelries and hairstyles at social gatherings, a great percentage of men’s discussion at such gatherings is often about work. This goes to show that men care about their jobs. The thought of failing at his job or not having one to hold on to is one way a man feels insecure.

How To Deal With Insecurities

  • First off, accept who you are. There are certain things about you that you can’t change. You can’t change your height and your face but you can work towards having a robust body shape or becoming slim. Just be sure to make decisions that make you happy while taking your health into consideration as well.
  • Carefully identify the factors that contribute to your feeling insecure and consciously work towards reversing the narrative (at least in your head) so your perspective about what makes you insecure can change.
  • Forgive your past. It may be hard but you’ve got to let go of every hurt and learn to take every failure as a springboard to better wins.
  • Dealing with financial insecurity would require that you have a financial strategy to help you live in the present and cope with the uncertainty that the future may bring.
  • Make conscious efforts to grow and become a better you.
  • Know that you are in competition with no one.
  • Develop trust in your abilities.
  • Always pay yourself a compliment when you make progress.
  • Live life to its full capacity.

Those are the insecurities men deal with and how to overcome them.

What are you insecure about? We want to read from you. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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