How To Attract Any Lady Of Your Choice

In this post, I’m going to give you an insight on how to attract any lady of your choice.

Attraction is the power of evoking interest in or liking for someone. It’s also said to be “the feeling of liking someone, especially in a romantic way, because of the way the person looks or behaves”. So you see, it has a lot to do with perception and looks. The mental image an individual has of you has a great effect on whether he or she is/will be attracted to you or not.

Wikipedia further defines attraction as:
Interpersonal attraction, the attraction between people which leads to friendships and romantic relationships. Physical attractiveness, attraction on the basis of beauty. Sexual attraction, attraction on the basis of sexual desire.


To be that attractive man, there are certain qualities you must possess. These qualities add up to making you attractive to the female folk. Some of the qualities I will share with you in this post come easy for most men while some demand some level of practice before you can gain mastery of the qualities. But in the end, they are all worth the time and effort required in gaining mastery.

Read on!

Here’s How To Attract Any Lady Of Your Choice

Be Confident

how to attract any lady

Evidently, women are drawn to men who exert a certain level of confidence. Confidence flows from the inside out. If you’re generally happy about the kind of man that you are or are becoming, then you would not have an issue coming off as a confident man. Confidence for men stems from various factors which may include achievements at work, good looks, etc.

At this point, permit me to ask a question. Please, do well to answer it sincerely. Assuming you are a lady, “would you be attracted to a man with your confidence level? “

Assuming that your answer is a yes, then you are well on your way to wooing any lady you pick an interest in. But if you are on the other side of the divide and your response is in the negative, then you should identify the points that you are not really good at and work on getting better at them. That’s self improvement.

Have a Sense of Humor

how to attract any lady

Pause! Take a few moments and ask a lady (or two) around you if they like men with some sense of humor; you will most likely get a response in the affirmative. So it makes sense to say that men who can make ladies laugh stand a good chance of winning them over. But if cracking jokes is not your thing, then you can always learn. Remember, you are not too old to learn anything you want, anything.

So go ahead and practice being humorous until you can do so with less effort. It all starts with conversations with people you are comfortable with. So, give it a go!

Be a family-friendly person

how to attract any lady

We all value family, don’t we? That’s no different for the female folk. Women also want to know that you love kids, love your family and that you are also comfortable with the idea of building a family. To most women, your love for kids means that you will most likely treat a lady right if she gets in a relationship with you. So be that man that values family and you would have increased your attractiveness with women.

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Get some Small Talk Skills

small talk

It is only natural that ladies like men who know what they want and how to communicate same. Being able to pull this off depends on your small talk skills.

Small talk is often about having polite conversations about uncontroversial matters. These conversations could mean discussing about her first job and if she liked it. Or asking about the last movie that made her cry or laugh so hard.
I believe you get the drill now.

Be a Stylish Man

stylish man

Worthy of note is the fact that men with style come off as very seductive. If you’re ever going to have the kind of ladies you desire at your beck and call, you’ve got to be a stylish man. Being stylish requires care about your appearance, smell and carriage. So spend some time on looking good, after all, looking good is good business.

Going On A Date? Show Up On Time

Time consciousness is not only a virtue; it’s romantic these days. Psychologists Eli Finkel and Paul Eastwick have conducted some studies on romantic attraction and their studies show that humans prefer things they approach. When going on a date, be sure to show up on time so much so that your date approaches you. This will make you attractive to your date.

Conclusively, the points given in this post clearly gives an insight on how to attract any lady of your choice but you know, achieving this feats don’t come easy. So you’ve got to work on having the qualities that make you attractive.

Wish you luck.

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